Бегемот средних широт (bgmt) wrote,
Бегемот средних широт

Что мы знаем о вине?

A dozen French winemakers and traders have been found guilty of a massive scam to sell 18 million bottles of fake Pinot Noir to a leading US buyer.

The judge in Carcassonne, south-west France, said the producers and traders had severely damaged the reputation of the Langedoc region.


The judge said: "The scale of the fraud caused severe damage for the wines of the Languedoc for which the United States is an important outlet."

A lawyer for Sieur d'Arques, Jean-Marie Bourland, told Agence France-Presse: "There is no prejudice. Not a single American consumer complained."

Что такое - маленькое, круглое, красное, в середине вишнёвая косточка?
Ответ: пока не доказано, что это сертифицированная вишня, это предмет, имеющий отдельные свойства вишни.

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