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From The Economist - 2

From The Economist (https://click.e.economist.com/?qs=2792901e149db9cb297baaef1f0d2bdbe2ee68f17df37f1e63acda6c32bca8b727373e3fe63dece2ea921b35dba699abc81b4e4c136aed5fd546914c8a0453e1):

We ask what can be done about the viral pandemic that is sweeping the world. Many governments have been signalling that they will stop the disease. Instead, they need to start preparing people for the onslaught. A broad guess is that 25-70% of the population of any epidemic country may be infected. Experts say that the virus may be five to ten times as lethal as seasonal flu, which, with a fatality rate of 0.1%, kills 60,000 Americans in a bad year. Across the world, the death toll could be in the millions. Yet those outcomes depend greatly on what governments choose to do. China, where the novel coronavirus epidemic began, has more experience with the disease than any other country. It holds three lessons about how to prepare—to talk to the public, to slow the transmission of the disease and to prepare health systems for a spike in demand. For further coverage of the coronavirus, and a selection of articles on the birth of a pandemic, look out for a special edition of this newsletter on Saturday
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