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From The Economist - 1

Хорошо сформулировано.

We look at the growing chances of Bernie Sanders running against Donald Trump in November. Moderate Democrats worry that nominating Mr Sanders would cost them the election. We worry that forcing Americans to decide between him and Mr Trump would have no good outcome. It will surprise nobody that we disagree with a self-described democratic socialist over economics, but that is just the start. Mr Sanders is so convinced he is morally right that he has a dangerous tendency to put ends before means. And, in a country where Mr Trump has whipped up politics into a frenzy of loathing, Mr Sanders’s election would feed the hatred. A corrupt, right-wing populist, who scorns the rule of law and the constitution, and a sanctimonious, left-wing populist, who blames a cabal of billionaires and businesses for everything that is wrong with the world: it is hard to think of a worse choice
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