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Мне прислали следующее объявление. Может быть, кому-нибудь оно интересно. Обратите внимание на срок подачи заявлений - до 20 марта.

Call for Applications -- Part-time lecturer in Computer Science

NYU Paris is seeking part-time lecturers in Computer Science to teach one to two undergraduate courses as part of its regular offerings in the College of Arts & Science. Teaching commences in September 2018; courses meet for 3 hours a week for a 14.5 week term and will be offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters. The appointed person will have full responsibility for teaching and coordinating the course (see below). Students are undergraduates from the NYU campuses in New York, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi, who come to study at NYUParis for one semester. Classes take place at our Academic Centre in Paris.
NYU Paris is seeking to offer the following courses on a regular basis. Potential candidates should indicate which of the following two courses they are prepared to teach. All courses will be taught in English.

Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine learning is an exciting and fast-moving field of computer science with many recent consumer applications (e.g., Microsoft Kinect, Google Translate, Iphone, Siri, digital camera face detection, Netflix recommendations, Google news) and applications within the sciences and medicine (e.g., predicting protein-protein interactions, species modeling, detecting tumors, personalized medicine). This course introduces undergraduate computer science students to the field of machine learning. Students learn about the theoretical foundations of machine learning and how to apply machine learning to solve new problems. Assuming no prior knowledge in machine learning, the course focuses on two major paradigms in machine learning which are supervised and unsupervised learning. In supervised learning, we learn various methods for classification and regression. Dimensionality reduction and clustering are discussed in the case of unsupervised learning. The course consists of lectures and lab sessions.

Pre-requisites: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Basic Algorithms, (highly recommended: Probability and Statistics), and Computer Systems Organization.

Introduction to Computer Security
This course covers basic principles of computer security and security engineering. It provides an introduction to fundamental cybersecurity concepts, principles, and techniques. The course focuses on security from an attacker’s’ perspective (threat modeling) and the defender’ss perspective (building and deploying secure systems). Specific topics include operating system security, network security, web security, security economics and security psychology. Course projects focus on both writing secure code and exploiting insecure code.

Pre-requisites: Computer Systems Organization and experience with computer systems level programming languages (e.g. C, and C++ programming). Recommended prerequisite courses include Operating Systems. Experience with web development is also helpful.

Instructor qualifications:
● Ph.D. in Computer Science or related field
● Two to three years relevant teaching experience

Eligible NYUParis faculty are encouraged to apply. If interested, please submit an updated CV to Beth Epstein, Associate Director for Academic Affairs at NYUParis at beth.epstein@nyu.edu Please note any relevant teaching and professional experience, and specify which of the courses listed above you are prepared to teach. Candidates must be eligible to work in France. Proposals will be accepted through March 20, 2018.
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